A Tweet's Not Enough

Sometimes 140 characters aren't enough.

How Will Art, Copy & Code Re-imagine Advertising?

  • not enough day to day risk taking
  • not as much fun as it can be

We are all on the same spaceship and it appears to be speeding up

  • Advertising re-imagined - how will brands tell stories in a connected world
  • The idea still matters
  • There is a danger of getting caught up in the tech and loosing the idea
  • Innovation vs Invention

Re-imagined Canvases

  • Growing ideas in familiar ground
  • people have a choice wether or not to engage in a ad

Connected Object

  • Let’s get physical
  • connected devices are cheaper and smaller than in the past
  • converting data into sharable content
  • connecting real world objects into ad content (feedback from player equipment on the field)

Audience of One

  • crafted just for you
  • relevancy = interaction
  • Needs to be done in a way that doesn’t feel creepy
  • location ToD for customization
  • Video custom created per viewing

Collaborative Storytelling

  • Audience is part of the show
  • (idea grenades)
  • Jam with Chrome

Data-drive Stories

  • the emotional life of numbers
  • data may be greatest natural resources

Useful Marketing

  • creating tools not just ads
  • You can’t just tell stories, you need to provide value

Innovation is a team sport

Human Stories, Told Simply But just telling stories isn’t enough